My story

My story
François Magny, Certified Executive Coach from Royal Roads University (British Columbia, Canada)

From transformative life decisions to a career that spans continents, my narrative is a testament to the power of adaptability. If you're intrigued by a blend of authenticity, courage, empowerment, and humility in leadership and personal development, I'm glad you're here. Welcome to my story.

My life's path has been anything but ordinary

At 17, I took a leap of faith leaving my rural life in French-speaking Québec to learn English in Durham (England). I didn't know a word of English but I was fascinated by the UK. Shortly after moving back to Canada, another opportunity presented itself...

The world opened up to me (again) when I traded the tranquility of the countryside for the bustling streets of Shanghai, dedicating two years to establish a cutting-edge joint-venture school in Fashion. Armed with these rich experiences and my degree from Université du Québec à Montréal, I embraced another adventure—moving to the bright skies of sunny Saskatchewan, where I now live and work.

Current Role

Currently steering the ship of the Productivity and Collaboration Product in the vibrant sea of IT at Farm Credit Canada (FCC), I lead a troop of engaged, agile, and innovative souls. Our mantra is finding harmony in hard work with work/life balance. Beyond my corporate role, I wear the hat of a Certified Executive Coach and share my reflections through my blog and the "Weekend Lift" e-newsletter, all from my sunny spot in Regina.

Life is a mirror of our deepest values, and here are mine:

Authenticity: Whether it's my heart on my sleeve or my intent in action, I strive for genuineness—a trait that earns me trust in the professional realm and beyond.

Courage: Like an advocate for progress willing to confront the toughest challenges, I live by the creed that our lives are shaped not just by our achievements but by what we dare to confront.

Empowerment: By nurturing growth in others, my impact multiplies. Leadership, to me, means achieving alongside others, not alone.

Humility: Knowledge of my limits grounds me, and from this foundation, I seek collaboration and learning from those with skills I aspire to master.

Francois has been so kind and patient with me throughout the coaching process. He understands my passion and excels at steering me toward tangible goals. For someone who blends dedication with knowledge seamlessly, Francois is your ideal coach."
Candace, RVT, Enrichment Coordinator at Regina Humane Society

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