Leadership Profile - Craig Kacso

Meet my friend Craig, a customer obsessed technology and business leader at Microsoft Canada.

Leadership Profile - Craig Kacso
Craig Kacso - a fun-loving leader (and friend)

A customer obsessed technology and business leader, Craig has built a career by staying true to foundational values around exploring, learning and creating. As a leader in Microsoft Canada's Customer Success team, he has had the opportunity to support and guide commercial and public customers through their journeys to modern cloud.

This customer obsession started with Craig during his days in the busy Vancouver hospitality industry. He was able to take these skills with him as he moved into companies like 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Best Buy Canada and Farm Credit Canada (I worked with Craid during his time with us at FCC); in a variety of roles in HR, eCommerce, Business Development and Program Management.

Craig prioritizes mental and physical health and loves to mountain bike, run and generally just to get outside. He also loves understanding the human mind and is constantly reading and learning in the area of psychology and coaching. When Craig is not working, he loves hanging out with his wife and 2 kids (going on adults 🙂).

What’s your ideal start to a Sunday?

I'm a big fan of getting outside into nature, so I typically start every Sunday with a long walk in the forest around Simon Fraser University. I'll usually hit my local coffee shop along the way and will use that time to listen to a podcast to learn something new. This puts me in the right frame of mind for the day and the upcoming week.

Your current TV/Podcast/book obsession.

I love "The Diary of a CEO" podcast by Steven Bartlett - (162) The Diary Of A CEO - YouTube. I'm a passionate learner when it comes to overall mental health and hearing others' life experiences (The guests that come to this podcast are varied and deeply engaging). I love pulling little nuggets out of these podcasts and incorporating them into my own routine.

Your favourite morning drink and local coffee shop.

I'm at my local Starbucks every morning to grab a Grande Pike. One of these around 930am is perfect to keep me going all day.

How do you take care of yourself during the weekend?

I incorporate as much movement into my weekends as possible as well as time for family, friends and hobbies so I can recharge. I love heading out for bike rides and watching my kids play sports, walking downtown exploring new shops and constantly tinkering with my cars.