Leadership Profile - Janet Wood

Voted best team player... by me!

Leadership Profile - Janet Wood
Janet Wood is a team player and a key member of our group at Royal Roads University

Janet is an executive with almost 30 years of experience in leadership positions in a variety of industries and government roles. With a focus on building positive work culture, change and project management, transformation and strategic planning, Janet is a team builder and leader who leads by rolling up her sleeves and doing the work alongside her people. As a lifelong learning, Janet recently completed her MBA in Innovative Leadership and is currently working on her Master Certificate in Executive Coaching through Royal Roads University.

Outside of work, Janet and her husband Ed love travel and their family time, especially with their 3-year-old granddaughter Cassidy.

What’s your ideal start to a Sunday?

My favourite way to start a Sunday is coffee on my deck before the neighborhood noise starts. My husband and I are Peloton enthusiasts so I cycle and he walks on his treadmill. Breakfast is my favourite meal to go out for, so we typically will stop at a local diner for that. It’s all about self-care and nurturing the soul.

Your current TV/Podcast/Blog or book obsession.

I’m in school taking a certification in Executive Coaching through Royal Roads University (with Francois!) so most of my current reading is recommended reading for school. Our current assigned reading Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart: A Systems Approach to Engaging Leaders with Their Challenges by Mary Beth O’Neill, has been a great read to understand the inter-relatedness of issues and how to get at the root of a problem, which isn’t always clear.

I attended a conference recently that had a wonderful guest speaker named Jean Francois Menard, a mental performance expert who coaches high achievers in sport and business. His books Train Your Brain Like an Olympian and Team Chemistry: 30 Elements for Coaches to Foster Cohesion, Strengthen Communication Skills and Create a Healthy Sport Culture are the latest books in my favourites pile.

As you can see, not much time for pleasure reading or listening, but if I do have time, it is typically true crime or cold case books.

What’s your morning drink of choice? Favorite local café

Sound pretty boring, but typically just a strong coffee with a little cream and sweetener (very little). We have some great small cafés here – I like the café vs the chain coffee most definitely. I’m a one cup a day person but, if it’s hot outside, I will grab an iced coffee to rejuvenate my energy levels!

How do you take care of yourself during the weekend

I’m the first to admit I should do more self-care. Rule of thumb for me is if there is something work or school related on my mind – take the time to get it done. If I don’t, I will have anxiety about completing it. I enjoy Friday evenings the most I would say. My husband and I grab a glass of wine and BBQ on our deck or visit with friends. Saturdays are about filling my cup – we have a 3-year-old granddaughter that loves coming to “Namma’s” over the weekends so we get her quite a bit and we love it.