The Weekend Lift

The Porto edition.

The Weekend Lift
The Douro River frames Porto beautifully. Photo by Alex Vasey / Unsplash

It never gets old. I’m always impressed (and surprised) by the ease with which Europeans can travel great distances for little money. There’s a tiny airport in Carcassonne and for about $30 return, you can fly to Portugal. So, I’m writing this from a quaint coffee shop in Matoshinhos. If you are curious about Porto as a destination, keep reading as I’m linking to a few of my favourite spots.

Your Weekend Lift will look a bit different this week as I’m typing on my iPhone and don’t have access to all the formatting tools I am used to on my computer. My commitment stays the same however - good vibes to give you an extra reason to smile and a few short reads that pack a punch!

From Portugal with a full heart,

Coach Francois.

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