The Weekend Lift

Finding your core values, an exciting online art project and two rules to level up your feedback. It's all in this week's Lift.

The Weekend Lift
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Good Vibes & Actionable Insight

Take some time this weekend and figure out if you are living on auto-pilot. Are you going through the motions or living your best life?
[longer read] Find out what you can do about it.

Actionable feel-good insight

Here’s a simple exercise for your weekend. Happiness often starts with acknowledging the small joys in life. Close your eyes, take three long, deep breaths and think of 3 things you are grateful for. Give it a try and see how you feel! 😊🌟

Short Reads

One-minute reads that pack a [coaching] punch

The Quick-Start Guide to Finding Your Core Values
It’s simple; Identifying your core values means living your best life.

One of my articles was picked up by Illumination on Medium

There Are No Shortcuts To Success
The 30-day Medium writing challenge — Day Two

I'm doing a 30-day writing challenge. One prompt every morning, 150-words max

Leadership Profile - Greg Huszar
Greg Huszar is a multifaceted creative in the business of visual storytelling

If you missed it last time - check out Greg's new online art project. Just WOW!

Two rules to up your feedback game
Make people feel valued and increase motivation.

Year-end reviews are top of mine for many right now - this is timely advice right here.

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How are we doing? Let us know right here

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