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Your August 11 Weekend Lift

Ease into the weekend with good vibes, actionnable leadership advice and a call to action.
Your August 11 Weekend Lift
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Good Vibes Only: The Best News This Week

Got some free time this weekend? Many people lack confidence in the power of their own voice, feel that their voice has been stifled, or would like to expand what they can do with it. A voice coach shares ways to develop a greater sense of familiarity and ease with your voice – from reflecting on what you believe about it to vocal exercises that you can practice in the shower! (read more).

The week in review

Time to catch you up

Leading and living in the now
Leading isn’t solely about getting people to follow you, but instead it’s about serving the group as a whole and pushing toward common goals.
Leadership Profile - Peter Mayne
A highly curious leader, always looking for opportunities to learn something new.
A gym membership for your confidence
Here come the three turbocharged strategies that beef up your backbone like a gym membership for your confidence.

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