Your February 9 Weekend Lift

Meet Andrea, an Executive Coach who trusts her instinct in a big way.

Your February 9 Weekend Lift
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Good Vibes & Actionable Insight

Is it better to have friends who are like you or different from you? Find out what science says. Longer (and fascinating) read here.

Actionable feel-good insight

Here’s a simple exercise for your weekend. Look back at the last 24 or so hours. Within that time frame, pinpoint three people or experiences you’re grateful for. Now come up with ways to show your gratitude – for example, thanking your significant other for making a delicious meal. Let me know how it went.

Leader Profile

Andrea Coutts, CEC - Certified Executive Coach and founder of Arbutus Coast Consulting

Andrea Coutts is a Certified Executive Coach and founder of Arbutus Coast Consulting. She has a background in strategic planning, crisis communications, and stakeholder management, working with senior leaders in government, the urban development industry, and the non-profit sector.

What’s your ideal start to a Sunday?

We live on a street with a forested park at one end and a popular ocean-side walk at the other, and on the weekends lots of people head out with their dogs to enjoy nature. My husband and I love starting the day with a coffee and watching what we’ve dubbed the “Puppy Parade” go by. 

Your current book obsession.

I’m reading When the Body Says No by Dr. Gabor Maté – I’m convinced that this is crucial reading for anyone interested in trauma, healing, health, and longevity. So really, everyone should read it! The research and science demonstrating the links between stress and various diseases is astonishing. I wish that there was more work being done in Western medicine to leverage the connection between emotional wellbeing and physical health.

What’s one piece of advice you’re glad you didn’t follow?

I had many people suggesting a slow build for my business, to do coaching as a side hustle. And at first that was the direction I thought I’d go in. However, as is the way it usually goes for me, I had to go all-in and ended up leaving my full-time government job. No regrets!

How do you take care of yourself during the weekend?

I’ve experienced burnout several times. The brief window of a weekend was never long enough to recover, let alone having time to do everything else I had to get done and dreamed of doing. I think this is true for many people, regardless of how much they may appreciate their jobs.

So now as an entrepreneur, I’m integrating life and work, and rest isn’t relegated to the weekend. In practical terms, this might look like getting some computer work done on a rainy Saturday, knowing that the Tuesday forecast is sunny, and I’ll want to be outside. Long breaks for movement and stretching. Taking time to chat with friends. Reading for learning and pleasure. 

Any recommendations for brunch or coffee/tea in your area?

I love Demitasse Café – it’s a combination café and garden centre.

What is your soundtrack for the weekend?

I’ve been gravitating towards Taylor Swift and Harry Styles lately. Is it a mid-life crisis? Leave me alone, I’m dancing!

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