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Your March 15 Weekend Lift

Meet Greg, a visual artist and father.
Your March 15 Weekend Lift
Happy Saint. Patricks Day Photo by Quentin Rey / Unsplash

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Leader Profile

Greg Huszar - Visual Artist, Photographer and Trendsetter

Greg Huszar - Artist and fan of Québec's sugar shacks

I met Greg during an FCC photo shoot in rural Québec over 20 years ago. I took Greg and his team to my family's sugar shack during an early spring snow storm. Not only did he not judge my questionable winter driving, he also ate all his food, much to my family's shock.

Greg Huszar is a multifaceted creative in the business of visual storytelling, known for his expertise as a commercial photographer, cinematographer, and artist. With a keen eye for composition and lighting, Greg's passion for his work has served his clients well over the past 25 years. On top of his busy commercial schedule, Greg has embarked on a more personal and artistic path by co-founding Transport Art Gallery with his longtime friend and collaborator, Derek Frankowski. The work they create for the online gallery is considered long-form art. 

What’s your ideal start to a Sunday?

Making a pancake breakfast and sitting down with my family, having coffee and playing tug of war with our dog Tiggs (French Bull Dog) or heading out to the barn with Shannon where our daughters ride and train. They have been involved in equestrian horse jumping since they were little gaffers. I play farmer while I’m there cleaning up after the horses and I seem to do a lot of sweeping. Honestly it’s one of the most relaxing things I do all week and our horse Lily is a gem. It’s the kinda sport where everyone is involved and we spend tons of quality time together.

Your current book obsession.

I have been watching a lot of street photographer interview videos on YouTube lately. My two favourite podcasts right now are Tetragrammaton with Rick Rubin and Twenty Thousand Hertz - The stories behind the world's most recognizable and interesting sounds.

What’s one piece of advice you’re glad you didn’t follow?

Going on ADHD meds.  I think a big part of my creativity is spawned from my spastic brain, I seem to able to get into a creative mood using adhd as the vehicle to get me there.

How do you take care of yourself during the weekend?

Visit with Friends and Family, sleep in if I can, Lately I have been going on a lot walks around the neibourhood. I work from home so I find myself stuck inside a lot when I’m not shooting so I have to be conscious to get out and get some steps in.

Any exciting projects coming up?

Our Family is headed off to New York City pretty quick for Shannon’s birthday. It’s a milestone birthday but I’m not going to reveal which one! We have never been to New York so we are stoked to be headed to the big apple. It will be a week of vintage clothing shops, good coffee, broadway shows and all the bagels and pizza we can handle.

Project wise, Derek and I (Transport Art Gallery) are currently working on a project that seeks to transform the perception of natural sounds and offer a unique experience of the natural world. A main pillar of the project is an experimental art film titled "Beyond the Waves." It's a collaborative effort with Biophonica, an exceptional group of creatives committed to giving nature a voice across various platforms.

If you are interested in seeing what this ambitious project is about, and how your brand can directly support it, detailed information is now available! Contact Amanda Hill at amanda@weare-onpurpose.com

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