Where will your confusion lead you?

The role of confusion in the learning process.

Where will your confusion lead you?
Photo by Matthew Henry / Unsplash
[...] we tend to simply put our brains on pause while we type in the question in our search engine and wait for the answer to be delivered to us.
Juliette Vazard

I've been feeling confused a lot since returning to school in January. I stumbled upon an amazing article from Juliette Vazard, a postdoctoral researcher at City University of New York, Graduate Center.

The article explores the role of confusion in the learning process. Juliette argues that confusion is not necessarily a negative experience, but rather a symptom of learning. She suggests that confusion arises when we encounter new ideas or when our existing understanding is challenged.

Juliette discusses the various ways in which we can embrace confusion and use it to our advantage, such as by asking questions, seeking feedback, and engaging in reflection. Wow, when was the last time you reflected on anything? Really, be honest.

Overall, the article encourages readers to reframe confusion as an opportunity for growth and to embrace it rather than shying away from it. By doing so, we can deepen our understanding of the world and improve our ability to learn and adapt to new situations.

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