The #1 reason why you should do nothing on Sunday

Take your Sunday back - do nothing!

The #1 reason why you should do nothing on Sunday
IfPhoto by Thanos Pal / Unsplash
Leisure time is a catalyst for new opportunities and a chance for people to reconnect with loved ones.

In a society that values productivity and busyness, a day off can seem like a luxury. But Jason Heller, writing in The Atlantic, says he and his wife have made a pact to skip work on Sundays. They spend the day in bed or on the couch, binge-watching TV, napping, and reading. Although it can be difficult to resist the anxiety of looming to-do lists, Heller fights to stay still and recognizes the benefits of taking a break.

Arthur C. Brooks suggests that doing nothing is both harder and more rewarding than it seems in a New York Times article. It requires setting aside distractions and being present in the moment, but can ultimately lead to a greater sense of clarity and purpose. Joe Pinsker explores the relationship between leisure time and happiness, noting that both too little and too much leisure time can lead to stress and feelings of idleness.

My conclusion

Overall, taking a day to do nothing can be a valuable way to recharge and reconnect with yourself and others. While it may require an active fight against societal pressures to be productive, the benefits of leisure are well worth it.