Are You Looking For Walls To Bang Your Head Against?

Navigating Corporate Culture Amidst Change

Are You Looking For Walls To Bang Your Head Against?
Photo by Max Williams / Unsplash

I’ve worked for the same company for 23 years.

Over the last 18 months, the new CEO has transformed the corporate culture, the way we measure success and she is in the process of revamping compensation too. That's a lot of change to take in all at once.

I’ve been finding myself resisting some of the changes and was looking for support on how to modify my mindset. And, wow, this podcast was exactly what I needed.

How to Navigate Change at Any Career Stage
A conversation with media industry veteran Bonnie Hammer on adapting to industry disruption.
You can make it your mission to find ways why a change won’t work (hitting a wall) or you can be looking for ways that your talents and expertise can be of value to the new team (doors and windows). You can choose to be a wall, or a door!

Change is a constant in the corporate world, and adapting to it while staying true to your values can be challenging. Here are the key strategies that I gleaned from the podcast. What I like most about the strategies? I feel like I can employ them and remain authentic in the process.

Finding Open Doors

Try to figure out where the door’s gonna be open.
  • Skill Assessment: Evaluate your skill sets. What have you done before? How can you contribute to the changing landscape? Be adaptable and open-minded.
  • Networking: Connect with colleagues and seek advice. Who can guide you through this transition? Learn from their experiences.

Positive Attitude

The minute you become a naysayer, the new team is not gonna want you around.
  • Optimism: Approach change with a positive mindset. Express curiosity and a willingness to learn. Show that you’re open to growth.
  • Engagement: Be proactive. Express your desire to fit into the new culture. Seek mentorship and collaboration.

Culture Exploration

What I have to do is figure out a way that I can fit into this new world.
  • Research: Begin by understanding the evolving culture. What are its core values? How do people operate? Gather insights through observation and conversations.
  • Homework: What do new leaders value? Market shares, social responsibility? Are they action-biased? Strategy-first?


Are they more interested in the bottom line than a great hit?
  • Know Yourself: Reflect on your own values and strengths. What skills do you bring? What have you achieved in the past? Recognize your unique contributions.
  • Alignment: Identify areas where your skills align with the company’s needs. Where can you make a meaningful impact? Seek out opportunities that resonate with your abilities.

To conclude, I took a lot from the podcast, but I also did a fair amount of free-thinking. I'm sure that if you were to listen to Bonnie, you might have a completely different spin on her message.

I didn’t know who Bonnie Hammer was, but I was captivated by her wisdom, her pragmatic approach to change management and her warmth. I highly recommend listening to this 30-minute podcast for more insight on how to manage change. Let me know if you end up listening to the podcast.