We Tend To Take Ourselves Where We Go

Changing jobs won't necessarily solve things

We Tend To Take Ourselves Where We Go
Photo by Vlad Bagacian / Unsplash

I just started reading my friend's first book: "Your Balanced and Bold Life" and I kid you not, on page 5, she's already going for the jugular.

Quitting [your job] won't necessarily solve things. There's a good chance you'll take your unhelpful habits somewhere else if you don't shift how you think and operate at a foundational level.

Stacey is right isn't she. Changing scenery is, at best, part of the equation. I'm not even done the introduction of Stacey's book, but I already have thoughts. This week alone, two of my coaching clients have expressed frustration about their careers, how they feel they are going backwards and it might be time for a new job. Armed with Stacey's words, here's how I think we could be more curious about a change of scenery as a fix-all solution...