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Unlock Your Potential with BetterUp Coaching

Low-risk opportunity to try business coaching.
Unlock Your Potential with BetterUp Coaching
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Money Shouldn't Hold You Back from experiencing business coaching.

As someone who deeply believes in the value of business coaching, I’ve dedicated years to honing my craft and earning credentials from Royal Roads University. But let’s face it: there’s a significant hurdle when it comes to coaching—the cost. For many, the investment can feel out of reach.

But it doesn’t have to be.

A more affordable Path

BetterUp is the leading American online coaching platform, and I am now on their roster! Bit of a game-changer me thinks...

Here’s how BetterUp makes it happen:

  1. Personalized Matching: Answer a few simple questions, and they’ll connect you with a BetterUp Coach who understands your unique needs. No more guesswork—just the right fit.
  2. Rigorous Selection Process: Becoming a BetterUp Coach wasn't easy. Only 8% of applicants make the cut. I know because I went through it myself. My credentials weren’t enough; I had to undergo 11 weeks of intensive training on BetterUp’s methodology. And yes, I even aced a mock coaching call with their evaluator. No big deal.
  3. Low-Risk Exploration: If you’ve ever considered coaching, now’s the time. BetterUp offers a low-risk entry point. Dip your toes into the coaching waters without breaking the bank. You don't like your coach, you get to pick another one. Coaching isn't your thing after all, you're done. No long term commitments.

I believe in this platform and I know you will develop new routines to operate at your best using the BetterUp platform.

If you want to give it a go, here's a link to sign up. You will receive 20% off your first month.