Success on Your Own Terms

What is wild success for your future you?

Success on Your Own Terms
Photo by Ben Hershey / Unsplash

One of my clients recently decided to leave behind their prosperous corporate career and venture into entrepreneurship. During our conversation, a recurring theme emerged - guilt. It was guilt around enjoying recreational activities like a Tuesday afternoon tennis game, and guilt over amassing wealth enough to step away from the corporate grind, to create a life that resonated with their values.

This made me ponder my own life.

With my 50th birthday around the corner, I started contemplating my
own milestones for the coming decade. What does success look like for Francois Magny Coaching in my wildest dreams? Being a PR professional at heart, I wrote a news release - giving life to my future vision.

Here’s a snapshot of that News Release from the Future.

Over the past decade, Francois Magny Coaching Inc. has reinvigorated the corporate coaching landscape. Masterfully balancing personalized attention and next-generation digital mediums, we've expanded our influence to numerous top-tier corporate clients across the globe. Our breakthrough digital coaching programs, carefully crafted by yours truly, have propelled this growth.

Francois Magny Coaching Inc. has consistently empowered clients to experience extraordinary growth in leadership prowess, strategic abilities, and business performance. The firm has now grown to 100 offices located in Asia, Europe and the Pacific Northwest. “The impact of Francois Magny's guidance is tangible,” asserts Alex Johnson, CEO of a globally renowned corporation. “Our leaders have grown to become more visionary and effective under his team's mentorship.

Not What I want!

After penning the news release [the full New Release was much longer], it hit me – that sort of "success" isn't for me. A decade from now, I'll be 60, craving a different rhythm of life. Yes, I’d still love to lend a hand and coach, but on a more manageable scale.

Running around constantly? No, I'd value a meaningful, leisure-filled life, featuring pickle ball games under the French sun. Astonishing! I don't aspire for "wild success", just the right amount of it…

Reflection questions

Your turn. What is wild success for your future you...

  1. How would your future self define prosperity/success?
  2. If you strip away the societal constructs, what would you love to do with your time?
  3. Is there anything you enjoy that you are currently guilt over? Why?
  4. What is your vision for the next decade in relation to your profession?
  5. How comfortable are you with the pace of your current life and where does it lead you?