Get Real! Take Action.

You have the power to change those stories and start making progress on your passion project.

Get Real! Take Action.
Photo by NEOM / Unsplash

Have you ever had a passion project that you couldn’t seem to make progress on? Maybe you’ve thought about starting a side business, writing a book, learn French or pursuing a new hobby. Whatever it is, it’s likely that you’ve had a few excuses pop up in your mind as to why you haven’t made it happen yet.

These excuses can be powerful barriers that keep us stuck in a cycle of inaction. They’re often rooted in fear, self-doubt, or a lack of confidence in our abilities. They convince us that we’re not ready, not good enough, or that there’s too much standing in our way.

But here’s the thing: these excuses are just stories we tell ourselves. They might feel real and convincing, but they have no power unless we give them power.

If you’re tired of letting your excuses hold you back, it’s time to take action.

Here are a few reflective questions to help you move forward:

  1. What’s the worst-case scenario if you pursue your passion project and it doesn’t work out? How likely is that scenario?
  2. What would it feel like to take action on your project, even if it’s just one small step?
  3. What resources or support do you need to move forward with your project? Who could you reach out to for help?
  4. How have you overcome obstacles in the past? What strengths and resources do you have to draw on?
  5. What story are you telling yourself about why you can’t pursue your passion project?

How would your story change if you focused on what’s possible instead of what’s holding you back?

Remember, your excuses are just stories. You have the power to change those stories and start making progress on your passion project. And if you need a little extra motivation and support, consider throwing an idea party with friends who can help you brainstorm solutions and overcome obstacles.

It’s time to get real and start taking action on your dreams.