Hotel Review - Four Points Sheraton Matosinhos (Porto)

Stay at the beach, visit Porto. Why not?

Hotel Review - Four Points Sheraton Matosinhos (Porto)
Minutes from Porto with a Californian vibe. Welcome to Matosinhos! Photo by Alvaro Polo / Unsplash

If you're planning a trip to Europe from America, you might be tempted to stay in the heart of a big city like Porto. But have you considered staying in a beach suburb instead? We visit Porto each year as the city is an outstading value, with fewer tourists and an unbeatable mix of culture, cuisine and outdoorsy activities. We now exclusively stay in Matoshinhos when we visit and the Four Points is our number one choice.

+1 One block from the beach

  • You can enjoy the sun, sand and sea without the crowds and noise of the city. You'll have more space and privacy to relax and unwind.
  • You can save money on accommodation and transportation. Beach suburbs tend to be cheaper than downtown areas, and you can easily take public transit (Bus 500 is an express to downtown) or rent a bike to get to the city center when you want to explore. Plus, Ubers are cheap in Porto.

+2 Hotel well integrated in local neighbourhood

I felt like a local while staying here. When we ate at the local Poke Bowl joint, the owner asked us where we were from and we discovered she was born in Halifax, moved back to Portugal recently and started a business. The donut shop just down the street was also a hang out for hip families after a day at the beach. Unbeatable vibe.

+3 Delicious breakfast

Not only do you get a full breakfast buffet, you can also order whatever you want from the kitchen. Eggs Benedict, omelettes, eggs, all possible for the same low price (free for status holders).

-1 Overwhelming Signature scent in common areas

Wow, you can "smell" the hotel from a block away. If you get triggered by scent, it will be impossible for you to stay here. I've never experienced such strong scent, not even at Lush stores!

-2 Far from most tourist attractions

If you've never been to Porto and you have limited time in the city, this might not be the best location for you. Sure, a $15 Uber and you are downtown, but there is something special about exiting your hotel and BAM! you're on a busy square. Not here.

If feeling like a local, long walks on the beach and a bit of quiet are key to your European vacation, consider the Sheraton Four Points Porto as your hub. Stay away if strong scents trigger you.