Hotel Review - Westin Calgary Airport

Not central and perfect for dog owners.

Hotel Review - Westin Calgary Airport
Photo by Thiago Terleski / Unsplash

We spent an extra long weekend in Calgary to reconnect with nature and family. Traveling with our small dog Loki, we were looking for a hotel with flexible pet policy, ample parking and wide open spaces for long walks.

The Westin mostly delivered on all fronts.

+1 Free pet policy and parking

Many hotels charge upwards of $50 a night for pets. We were surprised to find out that the Westin: (1) not only didn't charge for pets, but they were (2) welcoming and generous pet lovers. Our room had a welcome gift for Loki as well as a Heavenly dog bed. How cute is that? Oh no, I took a picture of the dog bed but I can't find it now.

+2 Generous perks for Bonvoy members

The free breakfast buffet was not an option for us as we didn't want to leave our dog alone in the room (to limit the barking). So, we were delighted to be offered free à la carte breakfast with easy pick up. Edward recommends the Alberta Beef Breakfast Poutine, I'm limiting my calories so I "enjoyed" greek yogurt and Prairie Granola.

+3 Lots of space for dogs to run

The hotel is in a newer development not too far from the airport. There were lots of paths for us to take Loki out for a walk. Scenic walks? No. But lots of options to go for a... well... you know, Loki needs to go for his business...

-1 Airport Hotel but not at the airport

Yes, you can see (and thankfully not hear) the airport, but you would not be able to walk to the terminal. Sure, the hotel has an airport shuttle, but if you want to be "at" the airport (say if you had a very early flight), this is not the hotel for you.

-2 Convention Centre

The lobby was an absolute gong show during our stay. There was a dance competition in the convention centre attached to the hotel and, well, heavily made up dancers were buzzing around while dazzed parents were keeping sane with a few too many hand crafted cocktails.

In conclusion - a perfect hotel for two dog owners wanting value for money. Big room, great free breakfast and attentive care from friendly hotel staff.