Leadership Profile - Zach Wilson

My amazing neighbour is also a disruptor.

Leadership Profile - Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson is a lifelong entrepreneur at the helm of a growing telecommunications company that he co-founded and operates alongside his brothers, based in Regina, SK. His love for action sports and early years in the film and television industry have influenced his business sense and help him thrive in the fast paced tech sector.

Zach enjoys travel and uses lessons from those experiences and all aspects of his life to continually learn and grow.

What’s your ideal start to a Sunday?

15 minutes of meditation followed by sitting on my patio with a coffee and a book (currently: The Road Less Stupid by Keith Cunningham). This is my every morning. I have never been good with routine so I put a lot of effort into sticking to this so I am set up focused and ready to go.

Your current TV/Podcast/Blog or book obsession.

My media of choice is podcasts because they fit well into my always moving life. Some favourites lately are The Game by Alex Hormozi and My First Million. These two are really good for helping me reframe how I see our business growth and operations. And of course anything Lex Fridman puts out because I love diving into the weeds on obscure topics.

What’s your morning drink of choice? Favorite local café?

Coffee, black. Usually a double espresso with equal parts water. Beans from a unique roaster with a nutty, chocolate or fruit notes. If I’m going to drink something every day there’s no reason it can’t be the best. Most mornings I make it at home but when I can’t, The Everyday Kitchen in Regina, SK has the best baristas in the city.

How do you take care of yourself during the weekend?

I wouldn’t say I use the weekend for self care. Sure I’ll sometimes take a day off now and then but weekends will usually encompass a few hours of work tied in with things like golf, mountain biking, yard work, or errands I didn’t get done during the week. Weekends are just 2 more days of the week so I prefer to not look at them any different. But with that, my weekdays look much different than most!