Your Canada Day Long Weekend Lift

Oh Canada edition

Your Canada Day Long Weekend Lift
Happy Birthday Canada Photo by Ali Tawfiq / Unsplash

Good Vibes Only: The Best News This Week

  • The world's largest cruise ship is almost ready to set sail.
  • Meet an 11-year-old farmer who rents his own land, breeds sheep, and spins wool. (More, w/video)
  • What is the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca?
  • See colorized footage of a day at the beach in the 1920s.
  • Study pinpoints a genetic variation linked to accelerated progression of multiple sclerosis; the first-ever observation may help find new therapies for the neurodegenerative disease (More)
  • Peaceful New Zealand declares war on rats.
  • Texas Roadhouse employee who biked three hours to work is gifted a car. (More)
  • Tennessee State to become first historically Black college or university to field an ice hockey team (More)

The week in review

Time to catch you up

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