Your August 4 Weekend Lift

We've got some exciting developments in the world of engineering, a peek inside an upscale public restroom in China (trust us, it's worth it), and a 3-year-old pug who's giving us major kneeboarding goals.

Your August 4 Weekend Lift
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Good Vibes Only: The Best News This Week

Leadership Profile

Peter Mayne, VP Strategy, Connexus Credit Union

Peter and Karen cycling in Europe - 2023

Weekend Lift reader Peter Mayne has enjoyed a lot of variety in his career of 30 plus years. He’s been a journalist, a business communicator, a senior HR leader and a corporate strategist. Currently, he is the VP, Strategy at Conexus Credit Union in Regina. In his previous role at Farm Credit Canada, he contributed to the continuous growth and development of FCC’s award-winning culture and employee experience.

Peter is a highly curious leader, always looking for opportunities to learn something new. He holds a master’s degree in in Leadership from the Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business and remains active with the business school, coaching students in the annual JDC Business School competition.

Peter is also Chair of the Board for the Globe Theatre, helping lead the organization through a once-in-a-generation redevelopment of its historic home in downtown Regina.

What’s your ideal start to a Sunday?

I find I struggle with feelings of guilt when it comes to relaxing – those nagging feelings that I should be doing something “productive”. I intentionally mark out Sunday morning as a time to give myself permission to take it slow. I set an alarm for about 7:30 am, and then enjoy the morning lingering over coffee on my favourite chair, catching up on the news, and enjoying some snug time with my cats Corky and Sprout. Oh, and in the fall and winter, I’ve got one eye on the NFL pre-game shows, so I can make final adjustments to my fantasy football lineups.

By noon, I’m ready to turn my mind to meal planning for the week, grocery shopping, and working in the yard. I feel calmer heading into a new week knowing that things are mostly ship shape around the house.

Your current TV/Podcast/Blog or book obsession.

When I watch TV, I gravitate toward one genre – thrillers. I just finished the Night Agent on Netflix and I’m a big Jack Reacher truther (I’m eagerly awaiting the next season on Amazon). For podcasts and I’m a fan of Finding Mastery. The host, Dr. Michael Gervais, is a high-performance psychologist who sits down with interesting people from across many vocations, digging into their life stories and uncovering the inner work they’ve done to achieve success.

Right now, I’m deep into a new book: Built to Move by Kelly and Juliet Starrett. Maintaining health and vitality while aging is a core value (my wife would say, an obsession) for me. Built to Move lays out a series of 10 baseline tests, physical practices, and habits to build a more mobile, flexible body, better health, and higher energy. I’m about to get started with the book’s 21-day challenge so (gulp) wish me luck.

What’s your morning drink of choice? Favourite local café?

I typically just have one or two cups of coffee a day – so I got for quality over quantity. I make a pour-over coffee at home with freshly-ground, dark roast beans. I love beans that are rich and full-bodied, with notes of chocolate and nuts. When I can, I buy from a local coffee shop – the Green Spot.

Going to a café is kind of a treat for me. It’s a small indulgence, tucking myself into a cozy spot with a coffee and a big chocolate brownie, watching people, just being in the moment. I’m anonymous but also feel like I’m part of a temporary community. My fave spots are Le Macaron and Brewed Awakening.

How do you take care of yourself during the weekend?

I typically start Saturdays lifting at my gym (OPEX Regina). Getting outside is big for me too. I like to get my hands dirty in my yard, walk in my neighbourhood (the Greens), or snowshoe in Douglas Park. The weekend is also when my wife and I devote time to friends, family, and each other. There is usually a dinner out, or a live concert, or just a get-together at someone’s house. While there is always a to do list, we try to prioritize time for self care and socializing.

What are your plans for the summer?

Our big trip for the year is already done. In May, my wife and I did a small group cycling tour from Marseille to Barcelona. Cycling is an awesome way to explore a country – I like to say it’s the right height and speed to really see things. We rolled past apple orchards, vineyards, wetlands, beaches, canals and, of course, ended up in many picturesque French and Spanish towns. There’s something magical about riding through winding streets and emerging, as a group, into a town square with sidewalk cafés, mingling with the locals and having a glass of wine at 11 o’clock in the morning. This kind of “active travel” has become our thing with four trips already completed and another in planning for 2024.

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