Your Final Weekend Lift of 2023

Your final issue of 2023

Your Final Weekend Lift of 2023
Photo by OurWhisky Foundation / Unsplash

Good Vibes Only: The Best News This Week

Here are my most clicked articles of 2023.

Leadership Profile - Janita Van de Velde
Janita is the best boss I’ve ever had and is known for her candour, her sense of humour and her generosity

My good friend Janita captivated you.

Hotel Review - Westin Resort Ubud Bali
It’s busy in the front, and quiet in the back at this resort in Ubud.

This hotel review gets three times as many views as my most popular articles combined.

Courage is about being willing to try
Courage is not something that you have or don’t have

My readers are either very courageous or super curious about what makes one courageous.

Stop repeating yourself
Do you ramble on for ages when you could have made your point in a snap?

This one surprised me...

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