Stop repeating yourself

Do you ramble on for ages when you could have made your point in a snap?

Stop repeating yourself
I got it the first time. Please stop talking. Photo by Mimi Thian / Unsplash

Do you repeat yourself like a broken record in meetings? I know I do!

Do you ramble on for ages when you could have made your point in a snap? Stop boring your colleagues and get to the point. Here are some tips to help you stop talking... and talking... and talking!

  • Few people will ever wish you had spoken longer.
    Ouch... right! When speaking, make sure that what you’re saying is necessary and impactful. And don't repeat the same points using different words. Oh, and if your sentence starts with "To dovetail on Becky's idea..." you're likely already talking too much!
  • Ask for help
    You're reading this, so you likely speak too much and say too little. Ask someone to become your committed partner ahead of certain meetings. Come up with a secret code: "When I do XY, or raise my virtual hand, it means you need to stop talking." You get what you tolerate after all!
  • Measure exactly how much you’re talking.
    Take time to reflect after meetings and see if you were concise and clear in your communication. Ask your commited partner the same question.
  • Consider using other ways to share your ideas.
    If you have a lot of information to convey, you may want to use a presentation, a document, or an email instead of verbal communication in the meeting.
  • Build in pauses.
    Give yourself and others some breathing room in the conversation. Don't rush to fill the silence or interrupt others. Use pauses to check for understanding, ask questions, or invite feedback... even more important during hybrid or virtual meetings.
  • Listen closely. Pay attention to what others are saying and acknowledge their contributions. Don't repeat what they have already said or ignore their input. Show respect and interest by listening actively and asking relevant questions.
Being a better listener also makes you talk less. Just a thought!

Want to be a better listener? I can help you with that.