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Your Weekend Lift April 21

I'm starting a new feature called Leader Spotlight. It's where you can peek into the lives of other leaders and see what they're up to on the weekends.
Your Weekend Lift April 21
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Good Vibes Only: The Best News This Week

Leader Spotlight

Morgan Bunce, Manager Corporate Solutions FCC

Morgan with his son Palmer and daughter Prentice

Morgan is a productivity powerhouse and a fantastic leader in IT at Farm Credit Canada (FCC). He leads a team of 25 individuals comprised of technical and non-technical resources to enable these solutions.

How do you ease into the weekend?

My weekend start is Friday noon.  I deliberately ensure I have Friday afternoons dedicated to reducing carry over work from week to week.  This doesn’t mean I complete all things, it simply means on Monday I’ll have everything staged for the next step to be actioned.

What are some of your favourite podcasts?

I am not a heavy podcaster, when I have time, I enjoy a good TedX session.  I feel it gives me variety and I always end up learning something or seeing something from a different perspective which helps me keep grounded.

What's your current favourite TV series?

I am a sucker for an “end of days” type series.  I’ve recently finished watching Snowpiercer on Netflix

What's a Saturday or Sunday must?

  1. An extended workout (take care of yourself)
  2. A family meal (gratitude for friends and family)
  3. Coffee and a crossword on Sunday (slow down)
Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.
—Peter Drucker