Your January 19 Weekend Lift

We dip into the debate over double-dipping and assess the top five weirdest winter sports. Happy Friday dear readers.

Your January 19 Weekend Lift
Photo by Jisca Lucia / Unsplash

Good Vibes Only: The Best News This Week

How to start having more fun - a longer read because as adults, we all need a bit more playtime don't you think?

Read more - your brain will thank you!

One-minute reads that pack a [coaching] punch

Why We Should All Think About Death
Thinking about our own mortality can help us to make more intentional and purposeful decisions.
What will you be celebrating in 12 months?
If you could fast-forward 12 months from now, what do you hope to be celebrating?
3 Tips to Break the Cycle of Overthinking
Do you ever find yourself stuck in a loop of overthinking a problem and not taking any action? I am doing it right now. An incredible opportunity was presented to me on a silver platter and I am unable to take the first step. I’m frustrated and embarassed. Here are
Reading books is not just a pleasure: it helps our minds to heal | Psyche Ideas
Through my own struggles and in teaching bibliotherapy to students, I know that books can help to heal minds and hearts

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