I Almost Gave Up This Week

Instead of fixating on what’s wrong, strive to identify what’s absent.

I Almost Gave Up This Week
Photo by Artur Adilkhanian / Unsplash

I didn't think keeping up with my blog was going to be this difficult. Well, coming up with stuff to write is the easy part. Not succumbing to my pursuit of digital validation is the hard part (this week). The craving for likes and comments is like a wet blanket this week. There's a deeper issue in me: an increasing reliance on external affirmation to tell me my worth. Maybe you have this problem too? Here's what I'm think would be helpful for me this week, I'll give this a go.

  1. Initiating a digital detox or disabling notifications might be beneficial. Giving this a go.
  2. Recognizing that criticism often reflects the critic’s personal biases. I'm not going to let a few comments erode my enthusiasm. And, I can delete those comments if I want to.
  3. Embracing Discomfort: Confidence is not deterred by temporary discomfort or the risk of appearing foolish. I know that such moments are fleeting and do not define me. I even wrote about this last week.
Navigating Setbacks With Grit
In this post, I explore how you can view setbacks as temporary, local, and external events that can actually strengthen your resolve.
  1. There is profound strength in consciously choosing not to engage with negativity. This choice is not about repressing emotions but about strategically picking battles to preserve mental tranquility.
  2. Seeking What’s Lacking: Instead of fixating on what’s wrong (lack of likes or comments), strive to identify what’s absent. This shift in inquiry can unveil what’s truly needed for personal fulfillment.

I know this post is not my best writing. If it looks more like a reflection in a journal, well, it's because it is. I wanted to honour our shared human experience by being transparent with you. The last few weeks have been harder for me, and this post is about trying to find ways to not give up on the blog or the e-newsletter.