It’s the destination, not the journey

Regina, Vancouver, Tokyo, Jakarta and Bali here we go!

It’s the destination, not the journey
Photo by Anna Gru / Unsplash

In less than 24 hours, we will be boarding an Air Canada flight to Vancouver and onwards to Tokyo, Jakarta and finally Bali. It’s a trip that’s been planned a long time ago. My significant other being a planner, I can let you know that we are ready.

  1. Seats in economy class were selected wisely – away from washrooms and in the middle of the plane (families tend to be seated at the front of the economy class cabin).
  2. Nintendo Switch and iPads charged.
  3. Battery-packs at the ready.
  4. School reading available (I’m already behind).
  5. Eye mask and toothbrush handy.

Bali will be worth it, it’s such an iconic destination – I can’t wait. However, it’s a long journey and it's one I would not embark on without noise cancelling headphones. I find it hard to be stuck inside a giant cigarette-sized tube for hours on end. I’m not afraid of flying, in fact I'm in awe of the wonder of modern-day travels. I’m just not enjoying the company of hundreds of people on planes. I find the chatter, the too-large carry-ons, the hands-free FaceTime chats, and the Instagram selfies annoying. So, from the minute boarding starts all the way to deplaning – I mind my own business, I don’t look up and I tune the world out. I imagine what flying must have been like in the 50s and I pretend my plane food isn’t elevated prison grub but carved peacock with a side of caviar drenched in champagne sauce. Yummy?

What’s your strategy for long flights?

Next post will be from a [hopefully] dreamy island somewhere in Indonesia.

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