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If that makes sense...

Graduate school reading is mostly insightful, but I got stuck!
If that makes sense...
Making sense of it all is a talent - I'm not there yet. Photo by Road Trip with Raj / Unsplash
"Trusting self becomes a positive reinforcing step for our inner stance of wholeness"
Harvey, Janet. "Coaching from presence: Artful pause generates professional mastery" Choice magazine, vol. 13, no. 4, pp.43

Say that again? Still don't understand. What?

English is my second language. I grew up in a small French-speaking town in rural Québec (Canada). Even after 20-plus years living and working in English, I sometimes struggle with nuances.

Last night, I was trying my best to catch up on readings for school and, well, most of it didn't make sense to me. Is the above quote evoking strong emotions? A clear picture of how your presence during a conversation can lead to a fuller dialogue? I must have read the article five times. How was I supposed to complete my assignment if I didn't understand the source material's intent.

I had to "call a friend". I'm lucky to have understanding people around me. Thanks Stacey! She 100% understood what the article was about and took the time to walk me through it... at 9:30 p.m. Heart!

What do you do when you you're stuck? How do you get unstuck? Who you gonna call?

Gotta go - I'm falling behind on my schoolwork. But loving every minute of it.