Don't sacrifice today for a better tomorrow

Taking a break from work for two weeks gives you perspective. Here's mine.

Don't sacrifice today for a better tomorrow
Photo by Vlad Sargu / Unsplash

Somewhere between Jakarta and Vancouver, I had an epiphany... well two:

  1. Why can't I fly business class?
  2. I no longer want to retire at 50 (I'm 47).

I'm realizing that by working at FCC, and potentially having a side gig as a part-time coach, I would not be sacrificing anything. My life energy, work energy and financial energy would be in complete sync. I would be retired because I would be doing what I love.

  • I love my current work,
  • I love the people I work with,
  • I treat my weekends as mini vacations, and
  • I have work/life balance.

All I'm missing is a little more coaching on the side.

My top two discoveries after two weeks off:

  1. Enjoy the present: I love my current job and I'm not sacrificing anything when I go to work in the morning. I find ways to have fun and treat myself without breaking the bank during the weekend.
  2. Re-evaluate regularly: I will make sure to regularly review how I feel, just in case things change. Am I still finding time to travel? Can I still say that I love my job? How's the side hustle going? How's my work/life balance?
  3. Bonus: I think the concept of retiring early to relax on the beach and golf every day is not for me. I want to keep working as long as the right evergy balance is there.

As for flying Business Class - that extra leg room and juicier chicken breast simply isn't worth three times the price... right?