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3 ways that delegating well is leading well

Are your growing responsibilities and workload outpacing the time you have available?
3 ways that delegating well is leading well
Delegate well and develop your people. Photo by Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

I have noticed that clients complain that they spend too much time doing as opposed to leading. To put it bluntly, they think they spend too much of their days doing tasks that are below their level of skill and authority. Time to delegate.

Create an environment that fosters successful delegating

#1 Build trust and confidence

Trust is the foundation of successful delegation. You can create an environment of trust by demonstrating confidence in your team members. When people feel trusted, they are more likely to take ownership for their work.

#2 Provide a clear set of guidelines

Your peeps don't read minds. They need clear guidelines about what you expect. This includes setting goals, defining roles and responsibilities, and being clear on the Minimal Viable Product (MPV). By providing clear guidelines, you help your team members understand what they need to do to be successful, and you make it easier for them to take ownership of their work.

#3 Communicate on a regular basis

Communication is key. Your team will understand their role and responsibilities better as the delegated work progresses. Regular communication lets you provide feedforward and guidance, address concerns or problems, and celebrate successes. By staying in touch with your team, you create an environment that is conducive to successful delegation.

My definition of delegating - the person you delegate to is responsible for the details while you retain the accountability on the overall larger work.