Your March 8 Weekend Lift

Celebrating International Women’s Day: Empowering Leaders! 

Your March 8 Weekend Lift
Celebrating international women’s day Photo by Joel Muniz / Unsplash

Good Vibes & Actionable Insight

Is it possible to enjoy your problems? Accepting your problems is one thing. To enjoy them? Well, that’s pretty much enlightenment. Here’s how to get there. Longer (and fascinating) read here.

Actionable feel-good insight

Here’s a simple exercise for your weekend. Look back at the last 24 or so hours. Within that time frame, pinpoint three people or experiences you’re grateful for. Now come up with ways to show your gratitude – for example, thanking your significant other for making a delicious meal. Let me know how it went.

Leader Profiles

The Weekend Lift Celebrates Women's Day

Leader Spotlight - Eve Martel
Eve Martel has been a content creator since the early days of blogging. After almost 20 years spent working for top advertising agencies, she made the jump to freelance and left her job as Content Director at Sid Lee Montreal to dedicate herself to her own content creation projects. She

A trusted friend and successful author

Leadership Profile - Janet Wood
Voted best team player... by me!

A student, Chief Operating Officer and Mentor

Leadership Profile - Paula Kohl
Meet my friend Paula - she’s sure to impress you with her knowledge of wine.

A sommelier, business communicator and leader

Leadership Profile - Janita Van de Velde
Janita is the best boss I’ve ever had and is known for her candour, her sense of humour and her generosity

Mother, author and the absolute best leader I've ever worked with

2024 Goal - Read more

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