The Weekend Lift - March 24

The Weekend Lift - March 24
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Good Vibes Only: The Best News This Week

Ranking the 50 top destinations to explore this year.

Baby gator enjoys a moment of bliss (via Reddit).

New Mexico is hiring professional bear huggers.

What is Ramadan and how is it celebrated?

The world's happiest countries (in 2023).

A celebrated travel podcast from the Monocle magazine team

Visualizing the biggest cities throughout history.

A 102-year-old fitness instructor shares her advice for being active. (More)

How to make friends as an adult.

The week in review

Time to catch you up

The #1 reason why you should do nothing on Sunday
Take your Sunday back - do nothing!
Silence is not always golden
70 percent of employees avoid challenging conversations. Why?
How to Manage Up?
How do you manage up without sounding like a brown-noser?

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