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Your February 2 Weekend Lift

Ease into the weekend with good vibes and short reads. Your brain will thank you!
Your February 2 Weekend Lift
Find out why Titanic champagne bottles didn't implode... Photo by Deleece Cook / Unsplash

Good Vibes Only: The Best News This Week

How to start having more fun - a longer read because as adults, we all need a bit more playtime don't you think?

Read more - your brain will thank you!

One-minute reads that pack a [coaching] punch

Reading books is not just a pleasure: it helps our minds to heal | Psyche Ideas
Through my own struggles and in teaching bibliotherapy to students, I know that books can help to heal minds and hearts
Leadership Profile - Sandy McDonald, CEC
Sandy and I graduated together from Royal Roads University in August 2023. He’s one of the kindest leader I’ve ever met.
Houston, we have a problem and I’m moving past it.
How to deal with problems like an adult.
The #1 reason why you should do nothing on Sunday
Take your Sunday back - do nothing!
Finding cheap flights - our secret sauce
My partner Edward is a wizz at finding cheap flights. He shares his tips here.

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